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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 6, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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breaks for us. you can actually put the umbrella away. temperatures will be climbing into the low 50s and this evening partly cloudy skies return pushes we do have a break from the rain. temperatures will be dropping below 50 degrees, 42 to 50. i will have rain totals in my next full report and i will also show what you you can expect for the work week. carolyn. >> looking forward to that. thank you, frances. breaking news this morning, the national hockey league and the players union have reached a tentist agreement to -- tentative agreement to end the lockout. if approved the league to salvage a 48-game season which would begin january 19th. league and union reps met last night in midtown manhattan to iron out pension and revenue issues. once gone, good news for sharks
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fans and downtown san jose businesses, the nhl and players union have reached a tentative deal to end the lockout. milbrae police are investigating the shooting of a teenager near cupertino high school. police say a 16-year-old girl was shot last night. kira klapper joins us live from the scene. i know the details are still pretty sketchy right now? >> that's exactly right, carolyn. good morning to you. just within the last 30 minutes the san mateo county sheriff's office did confirm with us that in fact a 16-year-old girl from south san francisco was shot. she's in stable condition this morning. and it all stems from a shooting, as you said that's correct happened late last night about 10:30 right across the street from the high school in this relatively quiet milbrae neighborhood. let's get to you the video we have from the scene last night. we are here at santa theresa and park boulevard.
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police were combing the area for more than an hour searching for the shooter and police aren't saying whether they have anybody in custody. initial reports are the girl was shot in her abdomen and thigh. we can't get that confirmed but within the last 30 minutes the public information officer from the sheriff's office confirmed with us indeed a 16-year-old girl was shot and she is in stable condition. that's the latest from milbrae. kira klapper, abc7 news. >> we are glad the girl is doing okay. thank you, kira. oakland police are investigating a shooting that has left two people injured. police respond today 68th avenue and mcarthur boulevard around 5:30 p.m. yesterday of a neighbors reported hearing gunshots a neighbor told abc7 news off-camera that a local cable technician ran to her for cover right after the shots were fired. >> comcast was here and he said it was gunshots can i come in and he came in and jumped on the floor. my kids was already on the floor. >> a short time later police
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responded to a car crash less than a mile away at edwards and near i-580. investigators believe that's where the victims crashed their car after being shot. two men in the car managed to take themselves to the hospital. their injuries are not considered life-threatening. new this morning sonoma county sheriff's deputies are look for a hitchhiker they say stabbed a driver who gave him a lift last night near gushville. the santa rosa press democrat reports the driver had a child in his car when he picked up that hitchhiker near the stump town brewery on river road, and it happened around 7:30 last night. now investigators are not sure why, but say the hitchhiker stabbed the driver twice before i was able to get him out of the car. the deputies say the suspect is no one locally but only by a nickname which they are declining to release. vallejo police are offering a $10,000 reward to catch the driver after honda civic that
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hit and critically injured a pedestrian on christmas eve. the unidentified 54-year-old vallejo resident was crossing broadway street at hogan avenue when the accident occurred. the driver ran from the crash and an all-out search and underway. just three weeks after the sandy hook elementary massacre a gun show was held not far from the city of new up to. there was pressure from newtown officials to not hold the show, but organizers say this is how they make a living. some gun shows an hour away from newtown cancelled or rescheduled. no idea what the president has in mind, but down the road it could be many things that could jeopardize gun show promoters and gun dealers and gun sales in general. >> certainly the opportunistic push for gun control, leveraging the tragedy at sandy hook i think is despicable. gun dealers everywhere
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report strong sales since the november election and especially since sandy hook. a piedmont man's ten-year-old daughter has motivated him to help get guns off the street. hurry action to the sandy hook massacre prompted him to start his own cash for guns program. we explain. nicky jordan lives in piedmont. she's actually glad she's alive anywhere. >> one of the girls who didn't live in the husband got out the gun and put it to my head and pulled the trigger. >> that happened when she was ten. she said the girl laughed sag the safety was on, then 17 years later she said her brother was shot by his best friend. >> my brother was shot through the head so i never got to see him again, and i raised him and it was the most horrific experience of my entire life. ripped out my heart. >> tom said he wants to prevent what jordan experienced from happening to anyone. he has a ten-year old daughter who attends a school in
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piedmont. after the sandy hook shootings she told her dad what happened in class. >> she told me she was crying in school and she didn't know why. and i just put two and two together so i knew it was affecting her. >> he said he decided to start the kind of gun buy back program like the ones in san francisco and oakland last month. >> now she's calling this the gun drive and she's all behind it and is excited that we are collecting gubs. it's really doing the job i wanted it to do, make her feel like we are doing something which i hope we are. >> piedmont isn't a high crime area but he's gotten attention because he's donated $1,000. he will pay $200 per gun surrendered. >> i think it's an incredibly generous offer. i think certainly, you know, we have to think about the safety of our children. >> piedmont council men gel wheeler said the city has a voluntary gun collection program which has collected 37 weapons in the past five years. if the plan works out with the police and city officials, he says it should be adopted. >> we certainly don't want to
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have criminals breaking into homes and getting a hold of guns. that can happen. >> in piedmont, thomas ramone, abc7 news. >> tomorrow morning at to 10:00 the 49ers divisional playoff tickets go on sale via ticket masters. niners will host the green bay packers at candlestick park next saturday night, january 12th at five. but the number of seats available is extremely limited so fans are encouraged to visit nfl ticket exchange to find additional seats. it is expected to be a sellout game. it is possible more seats could become available later due to returns. those tickets would only be made available through ticketmaster. up next, unhappy residents, why they say a bill passed to help super storm sandy victims is not enough to make a difference. and the peninsula community comes together to try to save a bay
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>> welcome back, everyone. it's 5:11 on this sunday morning. thanks for being an early bird and getting up with us. this is a live look at our live doppler 7hd. we are keeping track of the storm. right now there is light rain. you see those green patches there. that's a little light rain cell over sacramento, stockton, modesto. here in the bay area pretty dry right now, but that could change. you know, you can always keep up with what's going on at congress has approved a $9.7 billion flood insurance measure to help victims of hurricane sandy, but it was a
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vote that was not only delayed for several days, but also less than what was wanted by new york and new jersey officials. abc news reporter david curly has more on how victims are reacting. >> debris is covering lots surrounded by damages houses. it's the house of representatives that residents are seething about. >> maybe they should come and live at my house. they wouldn't take it. after a week they would want out of here. >> you can tell we had a floor and we had to rip it out. >> ann marie has stayed in her damaged home. weeks without electricity, warm food from the red cross, $2,400.00 from fema, but nothing from her insurance company, which says it's waiting for government flood insurance money. congress finally passed $9 billion to help pay out more flood claims, after northeast representatives shamed the speaker. >> they have suffered long enough. they need to hear from their government. >> but the major chunk of aid
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for the areas hit by sandy, $51 billion, won't be voted on for another week and a half and already some republicans are questioning the spending. >> a great physical tragedy of today should never become an even greater fiscal tragedy for our children of tomorrow. >> governor chris christie said delaying it hurts everyone. before rebuilding they need water supply, waste systems and passable roads. the infrastructure has to be rebuilt and much of that money is stuck in washington. the worry? homeowners may give up. >> the government has shown me that they don't care. and i don't know what else to do besides leave like the rest of my neighborhood and then what? where it this neighborhood going to go to? >> among the republicans' complaints, in that $51 billion are $400 million of pork barrel spending and some republicans are saying these emergency bills
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should be paid for, not put on the national credit card. david curly, abc news, the white house. victims of hurricane sandy aren't happy with the folks at google maps. google snapped pictures of this staten island neighborhood for its 360-degree panoramic technology. some don't want others to see how their homes used to be and what they look like now. >> where our location is, this is not what we are. this is what happened to us. >> i have seen enough people coming by taking pictures and to me it's gawking. we don't need that right now, we need help. >> google has a different take. google said the updated imagery will inform people all over the world of the extent of the damage and help with the recovery effort. as the president and congress prepare to do battle over raising the debt ceiling, we are about to get the inside story on how the fiscal cliff negotiations went down. this morning on abc's "this
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week" mitch mcconnell is the guest. he's the republican leader who ripped craft the compromise. but did they just kick the can down the road and what to do the republicans plan to do about raising the debt ceiling? don't miss "this week" with george stephanopoulos coming up at 8:00 right here on abc7. this morning lance armstrong's attorney is denying report the former cyclist is planning to admit to doping charges. the new york times reported that armstrong is considering a public admission. he has denied doping, as you know, for more than a decade. in a follow-up story the times said the u.s. doping agency could use armstrong's admission to go after other cyclists suspected of using perform answer enhancing drugs. speaking to former teammates, they said armstrong's testimony could provide the agency with much-needed insider info on how athletes are obtaining and using the drugs. fans of a popular peninsula
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ice rink are rallying against a plan to close it. the ice center of san mateo is slated to close on june 1st. the landlord wants to transform the location at the bridge point shopping center into more retail space. but long time fans of the rink are petitioning the landlord for a change of heart. i mean, it's where most of our skaters, they come here almost every day. their parents drop them off. they feel safe here and for most of our skaters they are sad. they aren't sure what they are going to do, what their coaches are going to do, where they will end up. >> that center has been open for the past 20 years. along with skating, it hosts hockey games for several peninsula hockey leagues. meteorologist frances dinglasan is here sitting in for lisa argen this morning. we've got some stormy weather on the way. >> yeah, most of the storm moved through overnight and we are still seeing some rain showers out there. i'll tell you where they are but right now enjoy this live look of the embarcadero from our roof
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camera. slightly breezy conditions and i'll tell what you you can expect this afternoon. >> thank you, frances. also ahead, the warriors travel to l.a. to play the clippers three days after blog them out here at home. would the clippers turn the tables? we have
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>> welcome back.
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it's 5:19 on sunday morning. this is a live look showing you i-80 in truckee. chains are required on 80 and 50 if you are heading to the snow. so beware. there's still a lot of snow out there. frances dinglasan is in for lisa argen. >> we are possibly expecting snow showers today in tahoe. do have your chains with you. for us in the bay area, the storm is starting to leave the bay area heading towards monterey bay right now. here's a live look from sutro look down toward san francisco and the bay where we are mainly under cloudy conditions. so no rain being reported for bay area cities. but as we go to live doppler 7hd you can see the center of this storm moving toward salinas right now. the areas of green, the rain whipping around in a counter clockwise direction, slight for the most part. salinas reporting slight rain but there have been reports of thunderstorms off the coast over
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the last few hours. so bay area, just cloudy conditions. a few pockets of showers still expected in the morning hours. temperatures right now in the 40s. that's due to the cloud cover. so definitely not as chilly. and you can expect 46 right now in san francisco, 48 in san jose. so here's the deal for today. morning showers, just some leftover showers. not too heavy. you might not even need an umbrella depending on where you are. then we have afternoon sunshine. it's going to be dry and warmer monday and tuesday. temperatures will be climbing up the next few days and we will see some -- there's sunny breaks already this afternoon. here's a look at the pacific radar satellite image. we have the area of low pressure kicking out of the area. but as the storm moves south and east, we still might get a chance of some leftover showers, even 8:00 this morning. areas of light green and green showing light rain. then by lunchtime, just some
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cloud cover. look at the afternoon. we will see some sunny breaks and into this evening more clear skies. then clouds do return overnight, though, into tomorrow morning. here are the 24-hour rain totals. in santa rosa, a little over .3-inch as well as in san rafael and san francisco. oakland report the a quarter of an inch and we got the most rainfall in the santa cruz mountains, ben lomond getting up to .9-inch. almost an inch there. here's the highs for today. in the 50s for the most part. low 50s almost for everyone. 52 san francisco, 54 in san jose. the cooler spot is 51 in clear lake. we will also find some low 50s around monterey bay, 54 in santa cruz. it will be breezy along the coast, as well. so keep that in mind. temperatures overnight will be a little bit more moderate due to the cloud cover moving in. once the morning showers are out
5:22 am
of the way, we will see some sunshine and then mostly sunny for monday. temperatures warming up into the low 60s on tuesday. then there's a chance of showers late wednesday night into thursday. but looking fairly dry right now for friday and saturday. >> yeah, this warming trend looks nice. >> i could really use that. >> thanks, francis. let's check out sports. 49ers now know what they will meet in the divisional playoff game next saturday at candlestick park. here's collin resch with the details in this morning's sports. >> good morning. it is set. 49ers and packers next saturday at candlestick. a 5:00 kickoff. green bay blasting an undermanned minnesota team last night. vikings quarterback christian ponder unable to go with an elbow injury so joe web started. he hadn't thrown a pass all season. web in over his head and stumbling over his feet. trips over clay matthews. 11 for 30, 180 yards, 1 interception. packer fullback i don't know
5:23 am
kuhn, too easy there. it gives green bay the 17-3 lead before the half. and rogers 117 yards passing. to kuhn, 9 yards. packers pummel minnesota, 24-10. it will be a repeat of week one when 49ers went to lambeau and beat green bay. texans beat the wildcard last year. and 16-7, houston. less than three minutes to go, bengals trail by six, andy dalton going for it all on third down. overthrows a.j. green. next play, they need 11 yards to keep the drive alive on fourth down. ball ton to jones, the former cal star. five yards shy, he never saw the ball again. houston gets them again and texans play at new england next sunday. warriors with a 21 point win over the clippers wednesday night but that was at oracle. last night's game at staple and l.a., exacting some revenge. steph curry driving.
5:24 am
missing. he has his back. l.a., though, they would dominate from then on. blake griffin, 2 of 11 shooting wednesday, 14 first quarter points, finished with 20. that capped the 19-2 run for the clipper lead. harris and barns stopped the bleeding a little there. but warriors, just 12 points and matt barnes makes it 35 - 12. chris paul, 27 in the game, drains the three. clippers up 23. just how go was it going for the clippers? eric bledsoe, shot clock winding down. made it. the loss. clippers roll 115-89. santa clara coach wanted a full house saturday night nor tenth-ranked gonzaga, but students are still out on winter break. so he offered a $100 hotel reimbursement out of his own pocket to students who live on campus and had nowhere to crash lift night. twelve took him up on the offer
5:25 am
and they sold out. it was rocking and the opening tip the zags throws it down. 33 in the game. kevin foster, another solid effort. 29 for him. broncos trail by 7 at the half. second half jags up two. broncos played well but they fall to the tenth ranked bulldogs, 81-74. that's a look at your morning sports. i'll collin resch. have a great day, everyone. up next, the new meter rules in san francisco. what it means if you are look for a place to park in the city today. and a new strategy for combating the magic begins when jif fresh roasts peanuts
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5:28 am
the storm. >> yeah, carolyn, we can expect scattered showers through the morning hours as the centre of this low or the storm moves southeast toward monterey bay right now and exits our system. you see the moisture wrapping around in a counter clockwise motion. there have been some thunderstorms off the coast and mainly light rain report this had salinas. now in the bay area we are mainly getting cloudy skies at this point but we could still see some spotty showers through the morning hours. right now salinas getting some light rain and you see the yellow and orange. so we could get some more moderate rainfall heading toward carmel by the sea by highway 1. for the most part in the bay area, just a lot of cloudy conditions. some light rain also falling over sacramento and down through stockton and modesto. i think you can put the umbrellas away for the afternoon. i'll have your complete forecast and let you know what you can expect as well as rain totals. carolyn. thank you, francis. get ready to shell out more
5:29 am
money to pork in san francisco. new rules for park meters take effect today for drivers who fail to feed the meters on sundays getting warnings for now, then come the tickets. abc7 news reporter sergio has the details. high noon will mark the end of free parking on a sunday in san francisco. for the christian community, it's not a welcome change. >> so many people have left the city because it's such an expensive place to live and their only connection with the city is their congregations. >> he said parking is another hurdle for members of some congregations. the end of what would otherwise be a free day in the city. he said he also has concerns about the way the decision was made by the san francisco mta. >> at the outset, it came to our knowledge after the fact that there was a stakeholders group that really put this and implemented this policy. it was not the voice of one member of the faith community around that table. so we see it as a real gross
5:30 am
infraction of due process. >> paul rhoads, a spokesman, said the save community was a strong voice in the meetering process. because church services often start in the morning, the mta decided to limit when they will start charging. >> all of the meters won't start enforces until noon and that will last until 6:00 and all the meters have a four hour time limit. no citations are issued for the next three sundays. instead enforcement officers will issue warnings. this is a program that will expected to bring in about $2 million a year, but the mta said it was all started because of complaints that some drivers take up some spaces all day long. >> so this is something that is really meant to ensure that parking is available for people who come into san francisco. this will make it easier for visitors to come into san francisco and find a parking spacious. >> up until now there's only been a handful of parking enforcement officers assigned to sunday duty and they usually only deal with parking complaints. but because of sunday metered
5:31 am
parking now they said they will likely have to assign more officers. in san francisco, apc7 news. oakland police show off a new strategy for combating gun violence but do they have the manpower to make it work in abc7 news reporter mark matthews has the story from a neighborhood that has seen more than its share of shootouts. >> at 84th avenue and dowling this was the sound neighbors heard new year's eve. the sound of a gun fight reported by mike phones and transmit aid long with an exact transmission to patrol cars on the shot spotter response team. >> the particular case is an alert came in and less than 22 seconds. >> the quick response led to arrest of a man arnold with an assault rep load with 100 rounds of ammunition. >> goes to show given technology and the right amount of resources in the correct direction we can make a dent in violent crime. >> two hours after taking this gun off the streets, the shots
5:32 am
spotter team arrested two more men armed with another assault rifle. that one night they had 200 shots spotter alerts within two hours. >> if i had more people i think our chances of apprehending many of those would have been a lot higher. >> that's one of the big challenges facing the department. in 2010 oakland laid off more than 100 officers. new year's eve was the first time the shot spotter response team had been on the streets in six months. >> it's great having technology. but you have the technology and we don't have anybody to respond or respond correctly, we around going to catch the guy. >> oaklands mayor said she wants to build up the force but residents say the answer isn't just more police. >> i just think it's bigger than that. >> she said gun violence and crime in her neighborhood is a complex problem. >> it's going to take more than just police. more of like a rebuilding of oakland. >> we talk about more cooperation from the community with police, more police who know and understand the people
5:33 am
to live in their patrol areas and more jobs as an alternative to gains. jobs is what the mayor of oakland was talking about. she said she wants 100 officers a year graduating from the police academy and she wants those numbers sustained over the next five years. at police headquarters in oakland, mark matthews, abc7 news. well, here's something controversial. plans are being made at oakland city hall to spend half a million dollars to hire ten almeda county sheriff's deputies plus a sergeant to help patrol the streets. this after they laid off oakland police officers to save money. today the san francisco chronicle reports the oakland police officers association objects to spending the money on outside help. the police union president said the money should instead be spent hiring more oakland police officers right now. new this morning a taxi cabdriver is hospitalized in
5:34 am
stable condition after being stabbed by a patron outside the mcarthur bart station last night. police say the man got into a cab at a taxi stand outside the bart station on 40th street just before 2:00. the two got into some sort of argument and that's when list say the man stabbed the driver, then ran off. the petaluma city council starts the new year tomorrow with a formal vote on a new anti-smoking ordinance. in december the council tentatively approved a ban on smoking in places including all hotel rooms, private apartments, condos, outdoor spaces, including balconies, court yards, bus stops and on commercial sidewalks. the tough new regulation are intended to protect people from the hazards of second-hand smoke. the santa rosa press democrat reports petaluma's ordinance slightly more ordinance than a sonoma county ban pass bid supervisors last year. now the san francisco's exploratorium is moving to a new location on the embarcadero.
5:35 am
the city's recreation and parks department is look for a new tenant for the massive old location in the marina district. the 80,000 square foot building at the palace of fine arts rented for $490,000 a year. it could take a year or two to take a suitable tenant with requests for proposals going out this spring. the san francisco chronicle reports the rec and park department wants to keep the theater in place but leader of the maybeck foundation will analyze potential new uses for the facility. coming up, the provocative bay area bus ad that is raising some eyebrows. what it has to do with the real meaning of the word jihad. and we have a live look showing you -- it is our work cam showing you parts of the skyline there along the embarcadero. the lights are lit up. the bay area right now pretty
5:36 am
dry. frances dinglasan will have your forecast
5:37 am
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>> welcome back, everyone. it is 5:39. take a look at our live doppler 7hd. right now you see for the bay area the storm has mostly moved through. you see those light patches of rain in sacramento, vallejo, stockton and elsewhere. we are in for a warming trend. keep in mind that you can check live doppler 7hd anytime, anywhere to keep track of the weather by going to buses in san francisco are carrying messages of jihad, but it's not what you might think.
5:39 am
it's a campaign to try to educate residents about the real meaning of the word. it began in chicago. it's now reached the bay area. abc7 news reporter explains. >> my jihad is to stay fit despite my busy and he. that's the statement on the side of this muni bus. it's part of an educational campaign created by care, the council on islamic relations. >> the intention of the campaign is to educate our fellow americans about what the word jihad means. >> she is the executive director of care's bay area office. >> a common misconception of the word jihad is it means armed struggle or holy war. and that is something that has been perpetrated by many who have made careers out of pushing anti-islamic sentiment. >> i asked muni riders if they knew the deafcision of jihad. >> religious war. >> a holy war. >> webster defines it as a holy
5:40 am
war but there's a second definition that is more appropriate. >> the proper meaning, as many of us describe it, is to struggle and that's it. for many that is anything from building relationships with our neighbors to making it to work on time or doing better on their diets. >> it's a meaning many may not know. >> i didn't know the definition either. interested to be educated on it. >> but niklas thomas doesn't know how big an impact the ads will make. >> for so long it has such a negative connotation that i think that is sort of root had had in people and that for the idea for change, it probably would take a little bit more than, you know, just people talking about it. >> the ads will remain on the buses through the third week of january and the organization says they wouldn't mind expand to go other bay area transit agencies. in san francisco, abc7 news. you learn something knew every day. and what is there new will the weather in frances dinglasan is
5:41 am
here. >> all right. we can put our umbrellas away this afternoon. that's good to know. but we still can speck a spotty shower this morning. i'll havenyour complete forecast. here's a live view right now of cloudy skies over the bay bridge. >> thanks, frances. also ahead, the two napa valley winemakers with a remarkable story. they are proving that what goes on outside the bottle is almost as important as what goes [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your new light creamy potato with bacon & cheese soup says it's 100 calories a serving. that's right. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. my world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon...creamy cheese... [ whispers ] 100 calories... say it again... [ whispers ] 100 calories... ma'am, hello? ma'am? [ female announcer ] find progresso light for a great price today at your local safeway store.
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>> welcome back. 5:44 on this sunday morning. this is a live look from our roof cam showing you the ferry building. it's going to be a really nice day in san francisco today and throughout the bay area. temperatures in the mid-50s. no rain. for many people picking which wine to drink doesn't always hinge on what's inside the bottle, it's what's on the outside. this morning's assignment 7 report wayne friedman introduced
5:44 am
us to two local winemakers who are all about the labels. wintry mixner the napa valley, baron vines surround bid a blaze of lingering autumn glory. a time of year when they are the only segment of the wine industry allowed to be resting. these guys sure aren't. >> do you smell that? >> this is what happens after the harvest comes in. debate begins about what to do with it. >> i don't know what these are. >> for winemakers brandon and bo, there's a future blend somewhere inside of hundreds of thousands of sample bottles. >> we have a general idea what we want it to taste like and what the components are to be. >> fruit forward, this their creative process for a wine they intend to call love hammer. >> who are you appealing to with love hammer. >> hopefully old women. >> the boys from slow down wines have one hit on their resume letter, a popular tasty red aimed at their own demographic,
5:45 am
a blend they named sexual chocolate. between marketing and taste, it's caught the attention of some of napa's more influential wine producers. >> they are cutting edge. i think they are doing things differently. they will shake up the wine world. >> but despite all it's romantic notions, this is not an easy business. just because somebody comes up with a good wine, there's no guarantee people will look at it or try it or buy it or buy it again. chances are they are going to need help. [laughter] >> hence, this meeting two floors above downtown saint helena with dave finney. you might not know his name. you would know his swift wines and labels. they are world renown. >> what does a label really need to say? >> pick me up. >> any wine on any shelf in any store is an exercise in darwinism. look at those names. you think actors have a hard time getting noticed? the label. >> what about the label? >> that's the name of the wine. >> the unique labor of sexual
5:46 am
chocolate is one of the reasons he agreed to work with them. >> this bottle came from a bootlegging operation we had in college. we had grapes from all over california and we recommended it be drank immediately and be shared with girls. >> when you want more, just call,, bo. and brandon, made in the usa. labeling has become so important that even before the guys finalized the taste, they are trying out marketing concepts. what you see outside a bottle may or may not reflect it's contents. >> what are you selling with mannequins? >> chardonnay? >> yet none of this marketing wisdom about will be worth a dime if after the label sells a wine that taste doesn't bring customers back. >> you don't want to sell one bottle, you want to sell cases of wine. >> which for brandon and bo, it means back to the bins, back to trying and error, back to the labs, building a wine that will live up to the love hammer name. [laughter] >> you missed!
5:47 am
>> i know! i know! sorry. >> it's all right, as long as the wine hits the mark. in napa, wayne friedman, abc7 news. >> having way too much fun there. >>. [laughter] >> we are enjoying this sunday morning and frances is in for lisa argen. >> and you can put the umbrellas away this afternoon. now there's still some cloudy skies and a chance of a spotty shower through the morning hours. here's a live view in san jose of the shark tank where fans can start to enjoy some hockey games again. that's good news for folks there. you see highway 87, as well. we will also take you to another live shot. cloudy conditions over the bay area as we look from mount sutro down toward san francisco and the bay and parts of the east bay in the background. now here's live doppler 7hd tracking the storm. the center of it moving southeast towards monterey bay. but you see in the last few
5:48 am
hours how the bands of rain have wrapped around the storm in a counter clockwise direction and we will zoom in toward monterey bay to show you that we did have some thunderstorms much earlier off the coast, but now not much rain around the bay area. possibly some moderate rainfall along highway 1 near monterey, south of monterey, salinas drying out a little bit right now. they did report some rain earlier. as we look over the bay area, there are some radar returns right now. but this is light blue. so some of this might not even be hitting the ground so it's known as verga. san francisco is not reporting rain but we could see some spotty showers in the morning as the low continues to exit the system. so we will keep you posted on that, as well. temperatures right now in the 40s. much milder, you will notice, because of the extra cloud cover. in san rafael it's 46.
5:49 am
a lot of upper 40s as well. 47 in mountain view. the cooler spot, antioch, at 43 degrees. you carolyn tyler en expect some showers, leftover once, a spotty one during the morning hours, and then sunshine this afternoon. dry and warmer conditions as high pressure moves in monday and tuesday. temperatures will be climbing up a few degrees tomorrow and tuesday, as well. here's the satellite radar image so it shows you the storm just moving southeast and it's going to take the rain with it. that's why we are going to see drier conditions today. our forecast model does show still a spotty shower or so, possibly through the morning hours. the areas of green. then by lunchtime just some cloud cover. after hundred inch the afternoon we will see sunny conditions. that's why we will have a nice day overall. so it would be a good day to do stuff outdoors. the totals for the last 24 hours haven't been too much, but over .3-inch in santa rosa, san rafael and even in
5:50 am
san francisco. the highest amounts of rainfall we saw were in the santa cruz mountains, ben lomond almost at an inch. check out redwood city. they barely got a tenth of an inch there. you can expect highs today to mainly be in the 50s. a narrow band of temperatures from 51 to 54 degrees. 52 the high in san francisco. windy along the coast, 53 livermore and 54 san jose. you will find some more low 50s around monterey bay and 153 watsonville and 54 gilroy. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. once the morning showers leave we see some partly sunny conditions. temperatures in the 50s, then sunny tomorrow and into tuesday. with temperatures warming up into the low 60s. a chance of showers wednesday night into thursday. mainly confined to the north bay by thursday and then dry on friday and saturday. >> you told us last week that january is the rainiest month.
5:51 am
>> that's right. that's right. so we will see how it plays out in the next few weeks. >> all right. thank you, frances. coming up next, higher prices for this year's byrning man. we will tell alright let's break it down.
5:52 am
mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪ [ female announcer ] go from zero to pizza in just 60 seconds with totino's pizza rolls and grab a bite of snack-defying, satisfying... because pizza...never...misses. it's on. let's roll.
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>> top honors are already being received for the movie lincoln. it's award the the best screenplay award. danielle lewis won best actor
5:54 am
for his rendition of president lincoln. 60 prominent movie critics from all over the country met in morning to make the picks this weekend. they also picked the best picture. and the best actress. amy adams awarded best supporting acres for "the master" and matthew mcconaughey" was selected for his role. and oscar nominations are out this week. they will be announced at 5:30 thursday morning. be sure to watch abc7 morning news to see who gets the nod. a movie festival in australia featuring red hot chilly peppers and red hot weekend will mark the debut of a band like no other on earth. ♪ >> that's the band compressor head practicing for its big debut. you see there the band is
5:55 am
comprised of robots. they play hard rock and metal classics. novo always. the three robots are actually playing the instruments, including the drummer, named stick boy, who has four arms. they will take the stage for the first time at australia's big day out festival later this month. tickets for the burning man festival will go up in price this year. organizers say 51,000 tickets will be sold for $380 each. that's up from $240 last year. this year to get tickets from the desert art and music fest it will be first come first served. 10,000 tickets will go on sale january 30th and another 40,000 tickets will be available february 13th. let's get another check of our abc news weather forecast with frances dinglasan, who has been tracking a storm. >> we are using live doppler 7hd to see the center of the storm moving southeast toward monterey bay and salinas right now. we are still getting a chance of a spotty shower through the
5:56 am
morning hours, but by this afternoon look pretty dry. right now picking up some light returns over san francisco. but this precipitation not quite making it to the ground. i'll have your complete forecast. >> thank you, frances. coming up next at six, we continue to follow breaking news. a predawn deal in the ongoing nhl lockout. we will tell you when the san jose sharks might be back on the ice. and a teenager is shot in a quiet peninsula neighborhood right across from a high school. i'm kira klapper reporting live. we'll have the latest on her condition after the break. 11111g
5:57 am
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>> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler, thanks for joining us on this sunday, january 6th. let's start with our quick first look at the weather with meteorologist frances dinglasan, in for lisa argen, tracking the storm. >> yeah, carolyn. using live doppler 7hd to track the storm heading southeast right now toward monterey bay. but with this storm leaching our system, we still get a


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